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Resin And Patch Repairs

A1 Drain Repairs use the state of the art patch repair system which has passed the WRC short term hydrostatic testing procedures and extensively used through the world.

The drain packer method is for the repair of pipes in the case of cracks, fractures, open and displaced joints and strong infiltration. (See Figs.1 & 2 below)

Localized patch drain repairs smooth over displaced joints, seal cracks and holes reducing the resistance caused by such defects therefore increasing the flow of solids and liquids helping to prevent future blockages in a problem drain.

The patch repair would also prevent further root ingress, water ingress or egress by sealing the pipe internally and restoring the structural stability of the pipe.

(See CIP below for more info).

Main Features
  • Full structural repair bonding to existing pipe even in wet conditions
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion
  • Hard surface finish gives improved flow characteristics
  • Tapered edges give a smooth flow transition

fig.1 fig.2

Cured In Place Patch Repair (C.I.P)

A1 Drain Repairs specializes in the installation of Cured in Place(CIP) patch, providing a cheaper solution to open-cut excavations.

CIP drain patch repair has become a popular method of repairing sewer systems. This method offers a full and permanent structural repair to any sewer, without the need for unsightly excavations and major site disruption. The CIP patch can be installed under buildings and applied to domestic, commercial and industrial situations. It can be installed as a single shot entry from the manhole. (See Fig 3 below)

Suitable applications for CIP drain patch
  • Storm drainage systems including all private and main sewers
  • Prevent root growth after root cutting
  • Sealing leaking joints, preventing infiltration
  • Repair damaged sections of sewer lines
  • To cap off redundant or root-filled connections and junctions
  • To improve the hydraulic efficiency of sewer lines


Robotic Cutting

Robotic Cutters provide a unique No-Dig Solution. A1 Drain Repairs provide a simple and cost effective solution to construction companies and developers with a unique service in pipe rehabilitation during the construction phase.
The problems of intruding connections and displaced rubber rings can be overcome using the latest robotic cutters which fit easily into a manhole. They simply travel up into a section of pipe work and remove any intrusions. This will save both valuable time and money for any developer faced with this problem.
This cutter can also cut through concrete and stone blockages which is suitable for domestic household and private properties.

Removal of intruding connection
Removal of dents and roots

Removal of rubber intrusion

Root and Concrete Removal

Roots feed on moisture and therefore intrude through cracks, fractures, breaks and open joints in pipes and manholes.
Concrete could be spilled in through manholes, crack joints or breaks. This can be jetted out using cutters powered by water or a robotic cutter can be used. This then causes an obstruction in the pipe and obstructs the flow of liquid which then builds up and causes blockages.
Root and concrete removal ensures that the flow of sewage will not be interrupted and therefore blockages will be eliminated. While using this technique there will be no requirement for excavation work and all cutting exercises will be carried out with minimum disruption.
A1 Drain Repairs provide a full CCTV survey before and after root and concrete removal to confirm that the work has been successful.

Specialist Obstruction Removal

A1 Drain Repairs has built up a wealth of experience in removing obstructions.
If you have an obstruction in a sewer line that is to difficult or to deep to carry out an open excavation on, and everyone is telling you that it cannot be removed, then give A1 Drain Repairs a call. We can remove a variety of obstructions including the following:
  • Drain rods lost down connections that are intruding into main sewers
  • Intruding connections which impair flows
  • Drain stoppers that have been left in the sewer by a contractor after repairs
  • Displaced jointing rings
  • Big obstructions in large culverts

Man Hole Surveys

Manhole surveys are carried out to assess the structural integrity of the manhole, identify the outfall, measure all connections, measure the invents and cover levels. Manhole surveys are generally carried out while tracing and mapping existing drawings of sewer systems but they may also be offered as an individual job.
Man Hole Sealing

Manhole / Tank / Bund lining We use the MC MHP range of coatings designed specifically for sewerage systems and it can be applied using centrifugal casting head or by hand. Impermeable to water, allows diffusion of water vapour resistant to very severe sulphate attack and PH of 3.5.

Concrete Injection

Used to stop and prevent infiltration in the manholes and concrete structures, by injecting our polyurethane resin into the structure it stops leaks and provides a structural membrane behind the chamber.

Main Features
  • Ideal for brick & concrete structures
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-disruptive sealing of leaks
  • Places impermeable coating outside structure
  • Stays permanently flexible
  • Resists ground water pressure
  • Effective against high flows
Lateral Rehabilitation (top-hats)

It is often the case that damage to the sewer system is first evident on the joints between the main sewer line and the laterals. Cracks appear on the joints due to slight movements in the pipes relative to each other, which are caused by temperature fluctuations or heavy traffic. Ground water infiltration can then wash soil into the sewer system and voids are formed around the joints. Repairing this damage is not always straightforward. However, using our top-hat system, repairing lateral connections is no longer a problem. (See Fig 4 below)

Pressure Testing

We provide a variety of pipe work and pressurised systems, including rising main and gravity sewers.
After the installation or repair of any drain or pipeline system it should be tested for leaks.
Newly laid and existing drainage systems can be tested by a variety of means from air testing to water testing on both positive and negative pressure tests on any size pipe. Pull through stoppers can also be used to isolate sections of pipe work to determine which joint is leaking.



Main Line Re-lining